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Painting - Drywall Auburn

Know the price before we start.

Call Us: 206-290-5763
Painting - Drywall Auburn

Know the price before we start.

Call Us: 206-290-5763

House Painters Auburn


If you are looking to change the look of your home with minimal efforts, painting is the job that you must go for. Whether it is exterior painting or interior, choose only professionals for the job. You will find a world of difference in the results when getting the job done by experts as compared to doing it DIY.

Let experts from Seattle Handyman Pros serve as your house painters in Auburn, WA. We are an established handyman company offering services for a wide range of jobs. Serving as residential house painters for many years, we assure you of the following:

  • Smooth finish and great results
  • Timely completion of the work
  • Complete site clean up after work completion

We not only excel as interior house painters, but are proficient in drywall repair and exterior painting as well. You can conduct a search of how much do professional house painters charge and compare it with our pricing to be assured that you are getting the best deal.

Exterior Painting Auburn


You might know how to paint a house exterior yourself, but it is better to take the help of professionals for exterior painting to get the best results. There is the need of thorough exterior painting preparation before the actual paint can be applied.

Rely on us for exterior painting in Auburn. Serving as experienced painting contractors, we know what preparations are required for exterior and interior painting. Expect the following from us when you call us for exterior painting in Auburn:

  • Use of the best materials
  • Attention to details
  • No damages to the site

Let us schedule a meeting to discuss the interior and exterior painting costs. We will provide the estimate based on which you can decide upon the paint type and other materials to be used.

Auburn Drywall Repair


Drywall repair is an important aspect of painting. Experienced house painters pay special attention to drywall repair prior to applying any coats of paint. Choose efficient drywall repair contractors to get the job done immaculately.

Choose us for all services related to drywall repair in Auburn. Having a keen sense of detail, we provide drywall repair for the following:

  • Repairing small cracks
  • Filling holes made by nails
  • Smoothening scratches and dents in walls

Our drywall repair services will leave the walls and ceilings smooth and ready for painting.

Call Seattle Handyman Pros at (206) 290-5763 when you require the services of house painters in Auburn.